“Japanese Factory Visit Tour Group-A” had been successfully completed.



We had Japanese Factory Visit Tour in Japan by inviting 5 ASEAN member states including Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to Japan through 3rd July to 9th July in 2016.
Detail Information of Japanese Factory Visit Tour in Japan

We visited 10 Japanese Factories to learn about Japanese Food Value Chain such as Fuji Oil(Food Processing), Takii(Seed and Seedlings), Tsukinokatsura & Gekkeikan(Sake Brewery), Pasona(Farm & Human Resource Development), Ajinomoto(Food Processing), AEON(Retailer), Ota Market(Vegetable & Flower market), Megmilk Snow Brand(Food Processing), Kokubu (Food Logistics).

For the last day, we held the report conference and Mr.Maruyama from the Deputy Director-General of MAFF congratulated the participants. All the countries did their presentation in their traditional clothes. The last words here are all the participants are ICHIBAN!

【Video of Japan Food Journal】
Video of the Presentation & Reception on 8th July (Japanese Only)

【Group Presentation by each country】
Cambodia Presentation
Laos Presenttion
Singapore Presentation
Thailand Presentation
Vietnam Presentation

■Fuji-Oil Headquarter at Osaka (Food Processing)
不二製油 本社見学
■Takii Research Farm at Shiga (Seed & Seedlings)
タキイ種苗 滋賀研究農場見学
■Tsukinokatsura Sake Brewery at Kyoto (Japanese Traditional Food Culture)
■Gekkeikan Sake Brewery at Kyoto (Japanese Traditional Food Culture)
月桂冠 大倉記念館見学
■Pasona Headquarter in Tokyo (Farm & Human Resource Development)
パソナ本社 植物工場見学
■Yoshinoya Seminar (Human Resource Development)
■Nagatanien Lunch Session (FURIKAKE)
■Ajinomoto Factory at Kawasaki in Kanagawa (Food Processing)
味の素 川崎工場見学
■AEON Mall in Chiba (Retails)
■Ota Market in Tokyo (Vegetable & Flower Market)
大田市場 見学
■Kokubu in Tokyo (Logistics)
国分 板橋総合センター見学
■Preparing for the final presentation at night
■Report Conference in Tokyo
プレゼンテーション 明治記念館にて
■Deputy Director-General of MAFF Mr.Maruyama
■Presented by Cambodian Team
プレゼンテーション カンボジアチーム
■afh CEO Mr.Konno gave the certificate to Dr.Parthana of Kasetsart University in Thailand
■All participants at the report conference in Tokyo
集合写真 明治記念館にて

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