Food Value Chain Seminar

Overview of the Projects

ASEAN has attained certain level of economic development including improved productivity in agricultural sector. However, development in the private sector remains limited so far and, with appropriate measures, the potential for the sector’s growth is large.
Moreover, the gap regarding industrial development among ASEAN Member States is wide. Therefore, fostering involvement of the private sector as well as narrowing the gap among AMSs is a key to strengthening global competitiveness of the region.
Another key issue lies in undeveloped system for storing, processing, and distributing harvested agriculture products, along with insufficient human resources for managing these processes, which has been generating a large amount of food loss, resulting in inefficient revenue distribution among stakeholders in the region.
Such food loss due to inefficiency in supply chain has to be addressed through building connection, or “value-chain”, along production, storage, processing and distribution of agriculture products.

In order to tackle theses issues, this Projects will focus on providing practical know-how and skills to university students through;

a. Establishing partnership programs on food-related areas at Universities in ASEAN region
b. Contribution from Japanese experts as guest lectures from private sector
c. Strengthening partnership and creating networks at various levels including public-private, academic-industrial and among different players in the industry along the value chain (e.g., agricultural production and processing).

The latest curriculum of FVC Seminar

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Event and News about FVC Seminar

Food Value Chain (FVC) Seminar

1. Food Value Chain (FVC) Seminar at ASEAN region

Under a new ASEAN-Japan cooperation project, which aims to provide university students in ASEAN with practical and advanced knowledge and technologies through lectures by various Japanese companies along the food value chain.

Example of the Curriculum

Theme: Intensive Short-term Course of Food Value Chain
(Each 180mins lecture per day for 2 weeks)

Day 1
Topic Intorduction
Contents Introduction of Food Value Chain
Current trends and issues in food industry in Japan
Human Resource Development by Japanese Companies
Japan's Agriculture and Food Value Chain
Lecturer Food service companies
Day 2
Topic Seed and Seedlings
Contents Introduction of Seed Company and Seed Industry Vegetable Production in Japan Seed Industry and its Contribution to Livelihood of ASEAN Region
Lecturer Nursery company
Day 3
Topic Food Processing 1
Contents Production and Processing of Palm Oils
Lecturer Food service companies
Day 4
Topic Food Processing 2
Contents Soft Drink Market in Japan: Value Chain and Product Development Manufacturing/processing techniques and development process for dairy products
Lecturer Food service companies
Day 5
Topic Food Logistcs
Contents Wrapping technology for dairy products: universal design and quality maintainance The latest technology of industrial refregirating equipments The newest technology in food preservation
Lecturer Distribution, Packaging company
Day 6
Topic Marketing
Contents Development of Private Brand: case study in Malaysia and Thailand Business Strategy in ASEAN Countries: sales floors customization for consumer satisfaction based on marketing analysis
Lecturer Food retailing
Day 7
Topic Marketing/Food Service Industry
Contents Role of Food Company in the Food Value Chain Value Chain and Marketing at Food Company Case Study: Development of New Products History and Current Situation of Food Service Industry in Japan The Latest Trend in Food Service Industry in Japan
Lecturer Food service companies
Day 8
Topic Contribution to Our Dietary Life
Contents Ajinomoto Journey : From Umami to Foods and Beverages. How Frozen Foods have Changed Our Dietary Life (TBC)
Lecturer Food service companies
Day 9
Topic Japanese Food Culture
Contents Essence of Food and Characteristics of Rice History and Charactaristics of Japanese Food Culture
Lecturer Food service companies
Day 10
Topic Environmental Measures
Contents Enviromental measures by KIRIN Group: toward the 100% resource circulation society
Lecturer Food service companies
Topic On-site inspection
Contents Visiting Agricultural production site・Processing facilities…etc
Lecturer Food company

2. Opening Address

Opening Address in advance before holding the Food Value Chain Seminar where local government officers or sponsor companies are invited.

3. Partner Universities in ASEAN region

Our association corporate with the following universities in ASEAN region.
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Event and News about FVC Seminar