Field Study Tour in Japan-2023



The ASEAN Food Industry Human Resources Development Association was invited a total of 12 students, professors, and government officials, from the Royal Agricultural University of Cambodia and the National University of Laos, to Japan from August 20th to 29th, 2023. During the to the field study tour in Japan which is training of FVC, participants visited JA and food-related companies and conducted on-site inspections related to the latest FVC technology. On the final day, the participating students presented their activity reports and, deepening their learning.

The training was conducted with the cooperation of Japanese food-related companies and organizations. There were a total of 13 companies and organizations and The training locations were, in order of visit, JA Kinosato, Takii Seeds, JA Kyoto Chuo, Yanagiya (producer), Kyoto Nishiki Market, Yumekan/Oike Bettei (Japanese culture/tea ceremony), Mayekawa, Toyosu Wholesale Market, Yoshinoya Holdings, Megmilk Snow Brand, Aeon Mall, Yamato Holdings, and Shimadzu Corporation.

The schedule (link) and training session (photos) are shown below.

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