“Japanese Food Industry Tour Group-B ” was successfully completed.



Japanese Food Industry Tour had been successfully completed through 3rd September to 12th September in 2017 by in by inviting 5 ASEAN member states from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Philippines. We invited 1 professor, 1 government officer and 4 students to Japan from each countries, and visited Japanese Six Industry, University and Food Factories to learn about Japanese Food Value Chain.
◆Detail Information of the Scholarship Program.

We held the report conference on 11th September and welcomed Mr.Maruyama from the Deputy Director-General of MAFF congratulated the participants. The participated students presented about the topic “What you learned from this Japanese Food Industry Tour and how that would benefit to your home country”. Every country had wonderful presentation with their great vision of future food industries. We wish new collaboration will be generated within the ASEAN countries and Japan very near future.

◆Presentation Documents on 11th September 2017.

◆The Video of Japanese Food Industry Tour Group-B(Please watch it by PC mode.)

All the participants at Meijikinenkan in Tokyo on 11th September.

Fuji-Oil Headquarter in Osaka (Food Processing)

Tango Kingdom (Six Industrialization)

Nogigen Farm at Kyotango (Experience of Six Industrialization①)

Nogigen Farm at Kyotango (Experience of Six Industrialization②)

Japanese Traditional Tea ceremony at Kodokan in Kyoto

Takeoka Soy Sauce (Japanese Traditional Food Culture)

Takii Seed Headquarter in Kyoto (Seed & Seedlings)

Nakakou (Japanese Farm)

Nagoya University (University Visit)

Ota Market in Tokyo (Vegetable & Flower Market)

Pasona Headquarter in Tokyo (Farm & Human Resource Development)

Yamato Transport at Haneda Choronogate (Logistics)

Yoshinoya Tokyo Factory (Food Processing)

AEON Mall at Makuhari in Chiba (Retails)

Workshop at Kyotango①

Workshop at Kyotango②

Sightseeing at Asakusa in Tokyo

Final presentation at Meijikinenkan

Mr.Maruyama from the Deputy Director-General of MAFF congratulated the participants

Soran Dance by internship students of Nagoya University

Thank you very much for all concerned participants and companies.

Final presentation with national costume

We wish this is not the end, but the beginning of our future collaboration!

Thank you very much for all of your wonderful corporation.

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